Projeto visa agilizar o reconhecimento de credenciais estrangeiras

Publicado: 17/01/2010 em Notícias


Em mais uma olhada no Canadian Immigrant, encontrei uma matéria que muito interessa àqueles que exercem profissões regulamentadas no Canadá. O Governo tem um projeto que visa facilitar o reconhecimento das credenciais obtidas fora do país. Segue o texto, em inglês, na íntegra.

Foreign Credentials Framework

The lack of recognition of foreign credentials, specifically in licensed professions, has been a crisis with no easy solutions. For years, the federal government has pointed out such matters are primarily a provincial jurisdiction. But then provinces and regulatory boards have been slow in addressing the integration of immigrants. There has been a lack of singular leadership to drive this labour dilemma forward. A new agreement aims to correct this.

“Attracting and retaining the best international talent to address existing and future labour market challenges is critical to Canada’s long-term economic success,” said Human Resources Minister Diane Finley at a press conference in Toronto, Nov. 30. “Ensuring that foreign credentials and qualifications are assessed and recognized in a timely manner will enable newcomers to maximize their talents.”

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney joined Finley to announce that the federal government has signed a Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications with all provincial governments.

“This framework complements initiatives such as the Action Plan for Faster Immigration, as they make our immigration system better meet the needs of our labour market,” said Kenney.

“We want newcomers to be able to use their skills and work to their full potential. It’s good for them and good for the Canadian economy.”

The two ministers also met with community leaders in the Greater Toronto Area to discuss foreign credential recognition and its place in Canada’s economic recovery.

According to a press release, the Foreign Credential Recognition Program and the Foreign Credentials Referral Office are the key federal initiatives in place to support the implementation of the framework.

Under the framework, internationally trained professionals in 15 licensed professions will be told within one year whether or not their qualifications match Canadian standards.

By the end of 2010, this will apply to foreign-trained architects, engineers, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses, medical laboratory technologists, and financial auditors and accountants. By end of December 2012, this will be expanded to include teachers, dentists, physicians, engineering technicians, licensed practical nurses and medical radiation technologists.

“Let’s hope this framework doesn’t simply mean that immigrants will be told ‘no’ faster than before,” says Nick Noorani, founder and publisher of Canadian Immigrant magazine. “I want to know whether this framework will also help better transition international professionals’ skills to the Canadian context.”

The agreement is the result of a first ministers’ meeting held one year ago this month, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the premiers announced they would come forward by this fall with a plan to provide timely assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications.

  1. Ana Luna disse:

    Vivi, adorei a matéria!
    Gostaria de aproveitar pra dizer que nosso próximo encontro será sábado dia 23 as 20hrs em Vilas na casa de um amigo!
    Se vcs estiverem livres serão muito bem vindos!
    So confirma comigo para que eu avise eles e te mande o endereço, ok?

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